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Rogue 비트겟 lock in LEC playoff spot with win against Vitality

비트겟 In fact, even if Vitality had a kill advantage, the major pressure from Rogue in the bot lane and the farm lead of Larssen, who had almost double the minions as Perkz, balanced both teams’ gold.

비트겟 However, Rogue’s map control allowed them to get drake over drake without having to fight with Vitality, bringing them to soul point easily. The focus was now around the top side, where the Baron spawned and where Perkz was pushing the lane. Selfmade was there to back him up, but one misstep caused them to lose the Baron buff to Rogue. However, eye for eye, Vitality got back at their opponents by decimating their Comp and Trymbi and ripping off the buff from the pressing duo.

As the team buff expired, Rogue looked to get the Cloud Soul, but Vitality were right there to stop them. A fight broke out, showing Rogue’s strength as a team. They took down Vitality’s members one by one and secured the drake’s soul for the team.


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