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he LCK power rankings are all over the place LCK배팅 LCK토토

Afreeca Freecs a.k.a T1 v2.0: The LCK team you should be rooting for in 2022

The offseason has been a turbulent time for every region, but Korea in particular has been ravaged by roster changes. With entire teams getting ripped apart and stitched back together, it’s hard to predict which team will come out on top. The LCK power rankings are all over the place.


Afreeca Freecs are a team that’s taking a different approach. Rather than bidding on top tier players, they kept their star and built a promising team to face the bidding war the rest of the LCK is immersed in. Afreeca’s smart team building gives them a seeming edge over the other organizations, and they’re looking like a top team going into the new year. LCK배팅 LCK토토 What makes 2022 Afreeca worth rooting for?

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